How To Prevent Webpage Design Mistakes for Your Business Site

Creating a website is not just about slapping any web design on it and hoping to make the best out of it. A non-commercial website can get away with things that a commercial website cannot. Here are several site design characteristics you will want to know about before you get too far along.

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Getting your site navigation right so it flows well is something to give a lot of thought. This doesn’t mean that you should squeeze in the navigation into your web design after it’s done, but rather it should be incorporated in it from the ground up.

This is the part of the site that is rather mechanical, but it has to be treated like a design aspect because it does have an impact on the appearance. Your visitors shouldn’t need to search around to go from one page to another; one of the best web designs are all about user friendly interface where the user doesn’t have to think much. The one thought that people tend to have with awkward navigation is that the site is hard to use.

Usually all site designs automatically place the homepage link right at the top and usually under the header.

This could be the main graphic, the company logo or simply a link on the header that leads the visitor to the homepage upon clicking. Not including this on each page will just confuse your visitors as they search around a way to go back to the homepage. You always want to be reliable and do things the same way, and that includes using a format or link template for all your pages. You can place your logo in the top left area of the header and make that a clickable home page link.

Of course when the site is completed, be sure to go through the entire site and make sure everything works properly. When you make edits, you really need to verify your changes have not broken the design of your site. Do not assume any small change will not cause a problem and lead you to ignore checking it.

What we discussed in the above article is pretty basic, but many webmasters tend to ignore even the basics, which costs them heavily in the long run. We always recommend people think about their market and the audience who will be using the site.
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