Laser treatment for Dark Skin

Laser treatment is increasing in popularity all over the world, with many women ditching their waxing appointments because of this easier, less painful and much more permanent option. When hair laser removal first came on top of the scene, the best patient had fair skin and dark hair, in order that the machine could easily recognise large contrast and target only the pigment in the hair. This meant in the beginning, patients with dark or black skin were warned the treatment wouldn’t be as effective in it. But with advancements in technology, hair laser removal is a secure and effective selection for all skin tones. Here we’ll explain everything you need to find out about hair laser removal for dark skin.

Skin Types Explained

Firstly, let’s take a look at your skin. A standard way of managing your skin type is to use the Fitzpatrick scale, which examines your skin layer tone’s a reaction to UV light. Before technologies were introduced, skin tones 4-6 were prone to scare tissue, or otherwise achieving their desired hair loss. These skin tones usually participate in people of Latin, Mediterranean, Indian or African backgrounds.

The Fitzpatrick Skin-Typing Scale
Your skin type Skin Colour Reaction to Sun
1 Very white or freckled Always burns/never tans
2 White Usually burns/sometimes tans
3 White to olive Sometimes burns/always tans
4 Brown Rarely burns
5 Darkish Rarely burns/moderately pigmented
6 Black Highly pigmented

Would it be Safe for Dark Skin?

The reason that skin tones 1-3 were the best candidates for laser hair removal dark skin side effects is because the contrast between their head of hair and skin colour. Since darker the hair, the harder light it’ll absorb, fair skinned patients could possibly be treated at the higher intensity without the risk that their skin would absorb some of this light. Lasers couldn’t decipher relating to the pigment in hair along with the pigment in skin, so patients with skin tones 4-6 were previously vunerable to burns, hyper-pigmentation or other scare tissue. However, hair laser removal is a highly effective selection for all skin tones, thanks to new technology and therapists that were trained properly to help remedy dark and black skin.
What Laser is most beneficial?

Lasers with long wavelengths might be best to help remedy dark skin, since the laser can bypass the darker epidermis and penetrate deeper into the skin where hair follicles reside. This significantly cuts down on likelihood of damage to the epidermis (surface of the skin). At Simply Laser, we use the ND YAG machine, that has been specifically made to help remedy dark skin. However, if you’re still concerned your skin will not react well to hair laser removal, your therapist can conduct an area test on a small division of your skin layer to make sure you’re very pleased with the result.

What number of Methods are Needed?

Even though the number of treatments required varies from individual to individual, you may need 6-10 treatments every 6 weeks for hair in your body, and each one month for hair on your face. Facial hair could be hormonal, which explains why you may need more frequent treatments about this area.

It’s important to note though, that hair laser removal can improve or perhaps eliminate most of the skin conditions that dark skinned women face using traditional laser hair removal methods like shaving, waxing or plucking. Quite a few patients have observed a decrease in folliculitis (your skin layer condition that creates bumps, ingrown hairs, papules and pustules from laser hair removal) thanks to regular hair laser removal treatments.

Still Have Questions?

In case you continue to have any questions or concerns about hair laser removal for dark or black skin, you can call us. Either Leona a treadmill of our own professional beauty specialists is often more than thrilled to give you information specific to your skin and hair type. Simply Laser is dedicated to offering the latest and extremely best laser light treatments to its customers, so that you can be assured that you’re in good hands with Leona along with the team.
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