The 5 Degrees of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is definitely a challenge. The decision on how committed an employee will be on the organization, division or team, depends positioned on the individual. Therefore, the first step to employee motivation is usually to engage with every person. Uncover what makes him/her tick. The intention of this post is to understand to look for if you build relationships with the average person.

Many leaders increase the risk for mistake of applying a single motivational process to each of their employees. The fact with the matter is the fact that something else entirely might motivate different employees. Exactly how do you find the correct formula for each and every employee?

The Loyalty Institute at Aon Consulting did extensive research on employee commitment. They came up with the five drivers of employee motivation, often known as the performance pyramid.

It truely does work similar to Marslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in which the first degree of motivational needs first you need to satisfied, before a need arise in the next level. It had not been intended like that. It happened to work out like that.

The performance pyramid can provide some wonderful guidance to understand to watch out for whenever you engage the workers. Let’s take a look at 5 levels and see how it can assist you to find approaches to motivate employees.

Level 1: Safety and Security. Plus a physical a sense well-being, there needs to be a mental thought that the planet is freed from fear, intimidation or harassment.

Level 2: Rewards. Yes, you knew it. A lot of people won’t arrive at work tomorrow when they win a large lottery today. Here is the perception that the organization efforts to meet the employee’s compensation and benefits needs.

Level 3: Affiliation. It is a a sense belonging. It contains being “in the know” and being a member of the team. This is also when a difference in personal and organizational values will have a big affect motivation.

Level 4: Growth. Employees want the belief that achievement is taken place. I might feel safe, get the money I would like and feel section of the team. But when there are no growth opportunities, I might consider leaving the organization.

Level 5: Work/Life Harmony. This term speaks by itself. Someone probably have all of the rewards that he/she wants, but he/she will burn out eventually should they don’t have the time for you to stand on the other instrument things they desire.

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