Sydney’s Most well-liked High-rise Building Maintenance Corporation

Make the intelligent choice for your premises. Sonaa provides a full suite of maintenance services for Sydney’s high-rise buildings, helping companies throughout the construction, hotel and retail industries get the support they want. Using highly trained technicians, the safest practices along with the sophisticated, we deliver a great quality of service for properties of all sizes.

Working across the Sydney metropolitan area, we’re equally capable of working on residential, commercial, industrial or civil properties, causing us to the flexible, versatile choice for buildings and structures of each description. Make the right option for your organisation and pick experts at Sonaa.

Our company offers building maintenance services
Right here at Sonaa, we offer high-rise window cleaning services, repairs and painting to clients in Sydney. We offer a complete suite of maintenance services with this experienced abseiling team readily available to handle all of your maintenance needs. We concentrate on assisting companies which be employed in the construction, hotel and retail industries and will give every one of the support and help that they need with their building maintenance in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Proper waterproofing is vital towards the continued structural strength and exterior appearance associated with a concrete building. Sonaa supplies a comprehensive waterproofing service suitable for experience buildings of all sizes and shapes. We make use of the sophisticated and also the most sophisticated strategies to make sure that your building remains safe and secure as well as longevity is enhanced.

Waterproofing is often a necessity for any building, but especially for properties as valuable as city high rises. Sonaa offers good quality waterproofing services while using the strongest, most resilient membranes at one of the most huge discounts within the city. We know the need for receiving a professional service that matches as part of your business’ requirements, so start up a conversation here today to learn the way we could increase your property.

Revitalise the outside of the structure. Sonaa is a group of skilled high rise painting contractors delivering superior latest results for buildings of all sizes and shapes. Quality exterior painting cannot only enhance the appearance but extend the robustness of your facade, reducing maintenance costs and making your house more pleasing to customers as well as the public. Ensure your building is really a true reflection of the quality of your organisation with Sonaa.

We help watch to do business with skilled high-rise painters. Sonaa proudly provides a safe, thorough and diligent abseiling painting service at the competitive price, helping every house owner give their best asset taking care it needs. While cost-effective, our services still of the fine quality, only using the most qualified and skilled tradespeople for each and every job. If you’re looking for an affordable approach to protect your house, look no further than we.

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