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Andorra can be a principality located between France and Spain. It is usually a well liked among Lithuanian tourist seeking fantastic cuisine and Ukrainian tourists (very recently) who attended thinking that Andorra was Pandora in the Movie, Avatar. Ultimately the Lithuanians were happy, nevertheless the Ukrainians were bitterly disappointed.

Strangely enough, only until very recently, Andorra was completely unknown until a U.S. spy satellite spotted an incredibly large billboard, designed in Catalan describing the largest shoe store, Andorra Footwear selling Andorran running sneakers, that happen to be manufactured entirely out of cobra snake skin. Obviously, after the bill board was translated, hoards of sneaker hungry European and US tourists flooded into Andorra to buy these unusual sneakers. It’s not only About Snake Shoes!

Beyond their sneakers, Andorra has much more to make available vacation hungry tourists or displaced terrorists seeking an taken care of place to hunker down. To begin with, they’ve got considerably more to provide than anyone could ever imagine. What follows include the ten most fascinating reasons for Andorra that a lot of everyone would want to know.

1. Which is Like Spanish, but… Which of Andorra is very just like Spanish, but was modified in 1342 by Prince Zebacula to confuse the Spanish. It resembles Spanish somewhat, however, a couple of extra letters were put into totally confuse Spanish nobleman throughout their epic Scrabble tournaments, that happen to be a popular among both Andorrans and the Spanish. This gave the sting for the Andorrans who’d bet heavily and won large tracts of land in Greenland, which Spain had conquered and claimed for their own. Needless to say, everyone moving into Greenland (maybe 11 people and 10 stranded caribou) knew that no-one would like to live there, anyway.

2. Andorran didn’t have Native Snakes, Until 1994. Andorra had no reptiles of any type, one fateful day, an airliner flying low in the filming of the snake/plane movie in the Andorran countryside accidentally dropped 2,123 king cobras onto the sleepy mountain towns of Andorra. The residents awoke and their horror, saw them to be overrun with large venomous cobras. Everyone hid, except one famous Andorran herpetologist who figured out ways to solve the snake problem and fix their teetering economy that was almost insolvent as the country purchased pre-Castro Cuban bearer bonds in big amounts. At any rate, Dr. Frederic Limon, convinced the townspeople to produce cobra moccasins which were eventually called Snake Shoes which became an instantaneous hit one of the few tourists that they. Andorran Snake Shoes are famous the world over.

3. Andorra invented golf almost 1,300 years back. As the economy of Andorra was heavily based mostly on ranching also, since the majority of the cattle pastures were located on the tops of hills and mountains inside the Pyrenees, the towns which were located in the valleys beneath the pastures suffered with the manure rolling into large clumps and landing during their towns. This caused a lot of upset, until one of several townspeople dug holes all over the hills and throughout the country. The manure then rolled harmlessly in to the holes and the problem was solved.

The Andorrans celebrated and on one inspired evening in 711 AD, they held a party and reenacted the solution to their manure problems. This become golfing and also the idea was quickly and shamelessly stolen by the Scottish aristocracy, which over time is now mistakenly linked to Scotland. However, everyone in Andorra knows who invented the game These people have a saying inside their language that, “Ells poden creure que ells, els escocesos, va inventar el golf, pero al final, l’unic que va fer va ser robar aquest joc Bol merda de nosaltres!” This may sometimes be quite clever in case you understood Catalan.

4. Andorra invented skydiving in 1781. Juanito Megalora, an Andorran, was credited with having invented skydiving in 1781. He earned one fateful jump through the tallest peak in Andorra, Coma Pedrosa that’s roughly 9,650 feet high. It was formerly called Muntanya Pedrosa, until Megalora jumped over mountain to his sad destiny. He languished inside a coma, hence the name, for 237 days until his death. The irony of the entire thing is he might have survived the jump, if he only waited until a working parachute was actually invented, which took place 1783 by Louis-Sebastien Lenormand, a Frenchman.

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