Cosmetic tattoo

Annette Power continues to be established in the world renowned Harley Street for 17 years. Harley Street may be the top destination worldwide to get the best and latest aesthetic treatments available. Annette is an expert in the field of Permanent Comprise and Training. Annette’s extensive skill files ensures that every client gets the best advice and coverings available. Her motto would be to “err assisting caution”. Even as we happen to be dealing cosmetic tattooing it is imperative that people get the right result to suit your needs. When you have didn’t have cosmetic tattooing before this a second appointment is required (contained in the price) approximately Four weeks following your initial treatment the timing with the second appointment might be adjusted to suit your diary and visits to britain.

The remedies are tailor made to your individual look and Permanent eyebrows. Most clients need to look very natural and groomed without any down time. This is done on the first appointment and adjusted or colour boosted on the second appointment. Annette is constantly explore the modern techniques, equipment, methods, products, anaesthetics therefore ensuring her clients contains the best experience and then she achieves the most brilliant looking results with minimum discomfort. Every client is treated as being a VIP. We take great pride in our service and talent. All our clients are defacto standard to us…..
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