The right way to Use Home Decor Accents

Well folks, Spring has sprung and also the impending Tax Refund check coming, now is the time to spruce some misconception at home or apartment. Are you ready for something new in your home decor, try not to have time to make big changes like painting the walls? Is replacing every one of the furniture or even the flooring very costly? Then this article is perfect for you! Ever ask yourself why home accents are called “accents?” Because they’re the “little things” that will make your parking space your home by placing splash of color or possibly a dash of art here or there around that space.

Have you been a pack rat or can you like clean lines and open spaces? Does having your favorite things surrounding you have you feeling cozy and cozy? Suppose there is a small space or perhaps you rent an apartment or home and cannot make those BIG changes? Then make the little ones! Allow the four walls and the floor become the perfect canvas and turn into creative with the decor accents. Remember, with interior decorating accents, if you don’t much like the look, or if you get sick and tired of it, these are easily replaced, and easier than replacing the important furniture pieces or permanent carpet.

Why don’t we get started. It isn’t difficult. First, what’s your favorite decor “theme?” Don’t possess one yet? Well let’s think about that. Do you like boats, lighthouses, sea shells, the shore? Then this Nautical theme is made for you. Do you think you’re a horse lover? Do you like Cowboys and rodeos? Then this Western theme is perfect for you. Is the favorite animal the deer, moose, elk, or loons and ducks. Appears like you might be a rustic lodge form of person. Or can you like big bright sunflowers, roosters, and grapevines? You happen to be spacious with choices with all the Country theme. Country can be French, Tuscan, Shabby Chic, or good ole down home, front porch country – like Texas. Simply speaking, your “theme” may be something you like so that it is.

Assuming that building a whole house furniture purchase is out of the question, what type of furniture are you experiencing – antiques, modern, art deco, leather, discount specials? It really does not matter since combine any or all of these into the “theme” decor by matching or off-setting colors of decor accents using the colors seen in your furniture. Think about the Southwestern look with all the mystery from the Native American Indians? Or have you been more in to the Asian Oriental theme and want your home to think the simplification of the Tibetan monks with room for meditation? Something, just pick your chosen “thing” after which develop that. Don’t worry about getting new furniture, it is possible to make use of eclectic furniture, whether it be passed to you from Grandma or Aunt Betty, or other family members, by placing a decorative throw blanket regarding this to really make it match the theme of your respective room’s decor, or cover the couch, chairs, and/or bed with decorative throw pillows with your favorite decor theme.

How to construct your Space. Let’s begin by having an example. Let’s imagine you prefer Western and Southwest things, but you have antique furniture. Nothing says you simply can’t mix them together in a room. Or you can make each room in your home or apartment another theme, like Country in the kitchen area with Roosters and sunflowers, Oriental Asian inside the bathroom including a Tibetan singing bowl, as well as perhaps a Nautical or Rustic Country theme within the den. Together with the family room you will get cowboys and western decor somewhere from the room and Native American and/or Southwest decor alternatively, or mix them up in exactly the same room since cowboys and Indians usually mesh together easily. You can then add bits of antiques, prefer that big chair from your great uncle or that tiffany lamp from your grandmother and blend them into an eclectic look.

Decorate your windows without changing the curtains by hanging a sizable framed stained art glass panel that suits your decor theme. Stained glass art panels be cheaper than traditional stained microsoft windows, yet look as lovely and make exactly the same volume of privacy. Painted by hand, hand carved, or wrought iron bookends within your favorite theme can tie the room’s decor together, as well as your favorite books.

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